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Temporary Seasonal Docks and other Mooring Structures for Personal Recreational Purposes Disturbance Standards

by  | Jun 10, 2022 | Municipal

The Disturbance Standard sets the maximum acceptable footprint for temporary seasonal docks, temporary seasonal boat lifts, and associated mooring structures for personal recreational purposes on the beds and shores of Alberta’s recreational lakes and rivers that are public land owned by the Crown.  It creates general permission for most waterfront, semi-waterfront and municipal dock owners and eliminates the need for them to apply for authorization if they abide by the standards.

For properties that do not meet the requirements of the Disturbance Standard, you will require a Temporary Field Authorization

For your convenience, the links below are all the documents pertaining to  Disturbance Standard.

Included is the Temporary Field Authorization guide and form.  As stated in the Standard, a TFA is required if the dock placement does not meet the standard.

All this information is also available on the ASVA website for your convenience.



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If you do not meet the requirements of the Distrubance Standard you will require a:

Temporary Field Authorization



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