Tax notices are mailed no later than May 1 of each year and are due by June 30 of each year. A monthly tax payment plan is available.

Preauthorized Tax Payment Plan

A monthly tax payment plan is the smart way to pay your property tax.


Now you can pay your taxes in twelve monthly installments instead of a single large payment.

  • Makes your month to month budgeting for expenses easier.
  • Avoids the embarrassment of missing payments or a penalty charge for late payments.

How it Works

The PAT Plan runs from January to December each year.  Your first five monthly payments will be estimated based on your previous year’s tax levy.

Residents receive their tax notice in May.  As PAT Plan participant, your monthly payments will then be revised for your June payment.

Any adjustments required as a result of the annual levy will be spread over the last seven payments of the year.  The revised payments continue thru November. December’s payment will be adjusted  to clear the tax balance and this payment will continue thru May of the following year. (See example)

Payments may only be made by automatic withdrawal from an account with CHEQUING privileges at a bank, trust company, treasury branch, or credit union.  The S.V. of Val Quentin requires your written permission before the withdrawals begin.  There is no charge for this service; however, your normal bank charges may apply.


Last year’s taxes ……………..    $1,800.00


January thru May Payments

($1800 – 12 months = $150/month)

x 5 months …………………….    $   750.00


Current Tax Bill  ………………     $1,855.00

Less January thru May payments    750.00


Balance Owing …………………….    $1,105.00


June thru December Monthly Payments

($ 1,105.00  – 7 months = $157.86 )

x 6 months ………………………….    $   947.16

December Payment …………………….  $   157.84


Balance at December ………………   $       0.00


Any resulting credit/debit balance will be adjusted on the December payment.


If you decide to join the PAT Plan, you may be eligible for a refund of any taxes paid to your financial institution.  Your first installment won’t be due to the S.V. of Val Quentin until January. If you move to the PAT Plan, the money collected by your mortgage company to date can either be applied to your mortgage principal or refunded directly to you.*

*check with your bank or mortgage company as rules may vary.


You can join the PAT Plan if:

  • you have CHEQUING privileges at any of the following: bank, trust company, treasury branch, or credit union;
  • your application is received before the start of the calendar year;
  • you are currently paying your taxes thru a bank or mortgage company and you request a transfer to the Summer Village’s plan.

Contact your Administrator to request the Authorization form to get you started via email at

Payments will clear your bank on the last banking day of each month.

Changing Bank Accounts

If you change your chequing account, you must advise the Summer Village Office at at least THREE WEEKS prior to the next payment date.

Withdrawing from the Plan

You may withdraw from the PAT Plan by giving written notice at least THREE WEEKS prior to the next payment date.

If payments are missed, the Summer Village has the option to cancel the agreement.

NOTE:  If you withdraw from the plan, or your Plan is cancelled, all unpaid taxes become due and payable, and are subject to penalties in accordance with the penalty bylaw.

Moving, Selling or Buying New Property

Moving within Val Quentin? The PAT payments can be revised to correspond with the taxes on your new property.

Buying a new property in Val Quentin? Arrangements can be made to allow you to join the PAT Plan during the year.

Selling your property? To ensure that the payments are discontinued at the proper time when your property is sold, please notify the Summer Village Office at, at least three weeks prior to the next payment date.

For More Information Contact

The Summer Village of Val Quentin via email at

Tax Monthly Payment Application Form