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Jan. 7, 2021 – Has your property been impacted by the recent ice action (or ice quake) along the shoreline of Lac Ste. Anne near the Summer Village of Val Quentin?

If so, you may wish to explore modifications to the shore and bank as part of the repair process.

Darrell Kentner and Muhammad Aziz (managers for Public Lands Act and Water Act operations respectively) may be able to assist if you are interested in seeking provincial regulatory approval for remedial works in the lake, such as shoreline modification. Darrell and Muhammad understand the concerns and issues of the affected properties and are offering residents their support with preparing applications for regulatory approvals.

You are welcome to contact them at 780-960-8636 or email Darrell Kentner Darrell.Kentner@gov.ab.ca or Muhammad Aziz muhammad.aziz@gov.ab.ca if you have any questions.

For questions about authorizations under the Water Act, please contact Paul Sandhu, Water Administration Engineer, (paul.sandhu@gov.ab.ca; 780-960-8639). For questions about Public Lands Act authorizations, please contact Chris Vierath, Senior Lands Officer, (Chris.Vierath@gov.ab.ca; 780-778-7108).

Thank you – Val Quentin Council

Dec. 22, 2020 – Ice Quake Impacts Lake Properties

The Summer Village of Val Quentin Council is aware that unfortunately an ice quake has impacted lakefront resident properties on the west side of the village.  The original event occurred on the evening of Friday, December 18, 2020, however, it appears there has been additional movement noted as recently as the afternoon of Sunday, December 20, 2020. 

 All lakefront residents are encouraged to check their properties for damages.  Since the full extent of the damages may not be fully evident until spring when the snow has gone, residents may also wish to contact Superior Safety Codes Inc. 780 489-4777 and arrange for an onsite building inspection. 

 We also encourage all residents to review your insurance policies to confirm if you have insurance coverage.

 Roger Montpellier


Summer Village of Val Quentin

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